Forget what lag feels like. Let your server breath again.


MickMMars is the co-founder of RocketTeam and the current maintainer and developer of RocketMC with MeerBiene.


MeerBiene is the co-founder of RocketTeam and helps with the development.


Machmeinparaillegal is the Discord/Community administrator and helps with the discord setup.


Why you should use RocketMC

Clean and light code

RocketMC, like every other RocketTeam product, has clean and light code. So your server can breath again!

Security is our highest priority

With using RocketTeam products, your server avoids any unwanted access.


RocketMC aims to get the most perforamnce out of your server, as possible!


Let your server be fancy.

High compatibility

RocketTeam products have full compatibility with CraftBukkit, Spigot and PaperMC, but are optimized for RocketMC.

We care for you and your server.

Our goal is to make your server be confortable to play on.